About RoboICSI®

RoboICSI® is an award-winning flagship product of SpOvum® which was developed indigenously.

RoboICSI® assists the embryologist during IVF towards improving the outcomes, thus helping infertile couples bear a child. Based on a novel design technique, RoboICSI® is a patent-pending device that will help bridge the gap between the demand and supply in the explosively growing infertility industry. 

RoboICSI® is a Made-in-India device that is a pioneer, offering a number of features for the First time in the World.

Features of RoboICSI®

Novel micro-manipulation
RoboICSI® offers a novel way to grasp cells offering several advantages as compared to the traditional micro-pipette aspiration-based immobilization
Quick and hassle-free installation
RoboICSI® ’s plug-and-play system allows the user to quickly plug the system, perform and the auto-calibration and get started in less than a day!
Easy onboarding and seamless integration
RoboICSI ® is easy to learn, which allows clinics to add it into their workflow without much hassle
Gentle handling of cells
RoboICSI® ’s intelligent passive force-limiting technology ensures that the oocytes are not damaged while handling
Eliminates subjectivity while handling oocytes
RoboICSI® performs the routine tasks and reduces fatigue on the embryologists. RoboICSI® augments the embryologists and maximizes their potential
Enables the IVF clinics to handle more volumes

About Company

SpOvum® is a deep-tech medical devices startup working on a first-of-its-kind device that will improve outcomes in In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF, aka test-tube babies)

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