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Award-Winning flagship product of SpOvum®

RoboICSI® assists the embryologist during ICSI, thus helping infertile couples bear a child. Based on a novel design technique, RoboICSI® is a patent-pending device that will help bridge the gap between the demand and supply in the explosively growing infertility industry.

Our Services


• Full time Junior Embryologist​
• Senior Embryologist for ICSI​ and Biopsy​


• Basic: Lab & Equipment Monitoring​
• Advanced: Time-Lapse, RI​ Workbench, CASA, Smart Witness​
• Maintenance & Calibration​


• Cloud management of data​ and back-up​
• Centralized Monitoring &​ Critical Alerts​


• Pay-Per-Procedure​
• Zero Inventory Management​


• Everything as per the ART Act • Ability to handle Donors​
• Maintenance of registers​


• Ability to use “SpOvum” ​ branding as per license terms​

What is RoboICSI® trying

to solve?

RoboICSI® introduces a novel way of doing ICSI which reduces the embryologist’s efforts in performing ICSI while making it more objective. This also enables fertility clinics to handle more sample volumes.

Features of RoboICSI®


RoboICSI® offers a novel way to grasp cells offering several advantages over the traditional micro-pipette aspiration-based immobilization



RoboICSI ® ’s intelligent passive force-limiting technology ensures that the oocyte is never damaged while handling


RoboICSI ® ’s plug-and-play system allows the user to quickly plug the system, perform auto-calibration and get started, all in about a day



Performs routine tasks and reduces fatigue Augments the embryologists and maximizes their potential



RoboICSI ® is easy to learn, which allows clinics to add it into their workflow without any hassle



Enables the clinics to handle more volumes by streamlining the process


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A.R.T. Dashboard

SpOvum® A.R.T. Dashboard is a unique, intuitive interface which offers a holistic, end-to-end framework for capturing, storing, summarizing and analyzing data related to an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedure

Features of SpOvum® A.R.T.Dashboard

Entire ART Data Management

Unique all-in-one Dashboard allows you collect data
across FrontDesk, Clinical, Embryology & Andrology.

One-click Reports

One-click access to Reports and Discharge Summaries

Bird's eye view of clinic

Get an overview of the clinic's happenings
from our one-page summaries

& much more...

Seamless integration into your clinic's workflow

Meet the creators

Dr. Ramnath Babu T J

Dr. Ramnath Babu

Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

As the CEO, he heads the HR, Sales, QARA and Customer Support. He is also involved in the software development. His expertise includes software design, mathematical modeling and numerical simulations

Dr. Santosh Bhargav

Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

As the CTO, he heads overlooks the entire design of new products, operations and the QAC. His expertiese includes designing and developing compliant micro-mechanisms to assess mechanical properties of biological cells and tissues


Dr. Deepak Modi

He is a renowned academician and a Senior Research Scientist (Grade E) at the National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH), Mumbai.


He is Technology Strategist  & Business Consultant  with over 38+ years of experience in the field of Medical Device and Tech Industries. He has lead the development of multiple products through his career.

Mayur Abhaya

He is the Managing Director and CEO of LifeCell International. 

He has lead the transformation of the organization to a multi-service stem cell solutions provider.

Natarajan (Nats)

He runs his advisory firm Foundation partners. He was the MD at Helion Ventures and COO at UC RNT Fund. He serves on the board of companies including Lifecell, VNAI, Navi Technologies, and Virtusa Consulting services amongst other portfolio companies.


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  • Patil KD, Kumar P, Bharadwaj K, Hegde S, Dharamkar S, Gupta B, et al. Bulk stiffness and recovery time – A measure of development of mouse embryos. J Reprod Healthc Med 2023
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